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SBI New GPRS Banking Application

State Bank Introduced another GPRS Based application called State bank freedom Premium.

What is State Bank Freedom Premium ?.
State Bank freedome is the Similar State Bank Freedom Application Software for mobile, But it is Well designed for GPRS Based Mobiles.

As the Existing issues with State Bank Freedom Application Working on normal GPRS, they have designed this Specially to work with GPRS Slowest Networks.

this application is now available for download to all Java Mobile in .Jar Format .

Android and iPhone Series are not arrived yet.

Bank has recently launched Latest version of FreedoM application Ver 1.3.2 (with IMPS Merchant Transactions) on 24.04.2012.Here you will get separate menu for IMPS transactions.In this menu you will find provision for IMPS fund transfer,IMPS Merchant Payment,Generate OTP option,Generate MMID option,Retrive MMID option ,Cancel MMID option. This will help the customers to generate/cancel/Retrieve MMID without visitng the branch.

Bank will release more details on IMPS Merchant payment option subsequently.
2.SBI Freedom and SBI Freedom- Premium
While downloading the application,Customer should receive the first page with the following options on invoking the existing URL for getting link:
Click to download State Bank Mobile Banking application:
o SBI Freedom
o SBI Freedom- Premium : Exclusive gprs application.
· On clicking the SBI Freedom, customer should get the usual application .(As per detail given above)
· SBI Freedom-Premium is GPRS application.It will offer more features like SBI shopping.The GPRS application version which is yet to be rolled out,will resolve the downloading issues.
On clicking the SBI Freedom-Premium, customer should get the gprs application in the same way as is being provided in case of non-gprs application.
There are two versions of GPRS application viz.Any Phone and Basic.Any one of the two can be downloaded as per the compatibility of the handset

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